• Will I always suffer from excess sweating?

    At the moment there is no cure for hyperhidrosis, although, some people find it improves as they get older. However there are many treatment options available which work differently for each person. Talk to your doctor about all the options available for you.

  • I have hyperhidrosis, is there a chance my 11 years old daughter will also develop it?

    There may be a genetic predisposition as it is reported that 30%–50% of patients have a family history of hyperhidrosis4 . Children are treated using topical treatments and iontophoresis.

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  • Should I drink more liquid when I am sweating more?

    When you sweat you lose water and salt, it is important to replace them. Drinking liquids such as water or juice will help you rehydrate when you are sweating.

  • Can the moisture cause skin irritations?

    Excessive sweating may cause minor skin complications such as irritation, mild infection or even itching. If you are troubled by your skin as a cause of your sweating go and see your doctor.

  • What alternative therapies are helpful for hyperhidrosis?

    Unfortunately, there are no proven successful alternative therapies to treat hyperhidrosis directly, although you may find that techniques such as yoga or acupuncture help reduce levels of anxiety therefore reducing your sweating, but everybody is different. Talk to your doctor about all possibilities.

  • Can I use normal soap?

    Do not use soap based products as these will exacerbate the situation. Instead use an emollient wash, available from any chemist5.

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